澳门水利博彩官方网站大学 温室 is a living laboratory, including classroom space and a state-of-the-art aquaponics facility that sustainably grows plants, 蔬菜和鲈鱼. 的 1,400-square-foot 温室 offers students an exciting opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, 参与研究项目, 并在食品领域探索新的职业道路, 都市农业, water research, conservation and human services industries. 学生 from different disciplines have hands-on access to the 温室, 探索科学, 教育, 艺术和更多的是 独特的交织在一起.


澳门水利博彩官方网站 students have a wide range of ways in which they can interact with the 温室, 包括:

  • Designated courses that utilize the 温室 as part of their curriculum
  • 师生的研究, including paid summer research (Powers Fellowship); paid research funded by the 学术卓越中心; unpaid internships 为 credit or experience.
  • Effective Citizenship Projects (374 projects – see your instructor 为 guidance)
  • A special directed study with a faculty ment或 accomplish 教育al or career goals.
  • 成为温室助手!

开始! 电子邮件 温室@everydaymindfuleating.com.

Although the 温室 is a biosecure facility and you cannot just walk in, 它可供所有澳门水利博彩官方网站员工使用. We want you to be involved – 请 reach out if you are 感兴趣:

  • 让你的一个班级利用温室.
  • 去旅游,或者带别人去旅游.
  • Getting your hands dirty and helping to maintain the 温室 projects
  • 更!
  • 开始! 电子邮件 温室@everydaymindfuleating.com.

Our vision is 为 the 澳门水利博彩官方网站温室 to be a gathering place and tool that we can use to create stronger, more diverse bonds with the Milwaukee community while also supporting our 学生教育与个人成长.  如果你想安排参观的话, 带一群人参加活动, 发起合作或只是提出问题, 请 电子邮件 温室@everydaymindfuleating.com 开始吧.


Since the 温室 opened 为 campus use in September of 2021, it has become a hub 为 learning and discovery 为 澳门水利博彩官方网站 students and faculty, 以及K-12学生和社区 成员. 阅读更多 阿尔维诺杂志的故事 关于这个宝藏如何产生影响.


丽贝卡Klingler is an assistant professor of biology at 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学, 自2018年以来,她在哪里任教. She is also the director of the campus 温室, which houses a state-of-the-art 种植植物的水培设备, vegetables and yellow perch as a model of sustainable 都市农业.


Thor Stolen is an assistant professor of 教育 at 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学. 他的专业领域是特殊教育, and he is especially interested in giving students in urban areas a hands-on 在自然环境中学习经验. He is also interested in the learning experiences of marginalized children.


Emma Ray is the 温室 manager at 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学 where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the 温室 and aquaponics system, 一个可持续发展的最先进的设施 黄鲈鱼,蔬菜和其他植物. 在来阿尔维诺之前, Ray served as a youth 教育al outreach coordinator and hatchery technician at 的 Farmory, 教育城市农场 在绿湾.


克里斯蒂·贝尔,硕士 is an assistant professor of physical sciences at 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学. 对植物有着毕生的兴趣, becoming director of horticulture 为 the 温室 has provided her a plat为m in which she aims to get more departments and disciplines involved in the learning the facility provides.


了解更多关于克里斯蒂的信息 “我为什么教书??" 配置文件.

Since the 温室's establishment, major activities have included:

  • Coordination of 温室 tours and activities during 招生 campus tours and recruiting events.
  • 当地高中班级的活动.
  • A weeklong 阀杆 summer camp 为 high school juniors and seniors.
  • New lab curriculum 为 the SC119 an CH213 chemistry courses which utilize the 温室.
  • A summer on boarding event 为 incoming NSMT majors and undeclared students interested in science.
  • Funding 为 freshman and sophomore summer student faculty research activities.
  • 支持 and funds 为 student travel to professional conferences.
  • 奖励25美元,000 scholarship 为 a student completing the 3 + 2 Environmental Science to School of Freshwater Sciences Program.


致力于可持续发展的环境, 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学 established initial programming within the 温室 through a 美国农业部- 国家粮食和农业研究所资助 entitled "Establishing a Pipeline of Student Professional Experience and Leadership Development in Sustainable 农业,“达 $273,786.40 with a project timeline from September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2024.  With this funding, the project director (丽贝卡·克林格勒博士.D.)和联合项目主管(Alex 布鲁姆,Ph值.D.; Angela Frey, Ph.D.; 雷神被盗.D; and Christy Bell, M.S.目的是吸引, 保留和支持, women from underrepresented groups in FANH related disciplines (Food, 农业, Natural Resources and Human Sciences) through enhanced science 教育 and professional development that increases awareness and pursuit of FANH-related careers in order to 满足当地和全国劳动力的需求.

2019年12月,A. O. 史密斯的基础 generously donated $250,000 to support the construction of an on-campus 温室.  Completed in October of 2021, the 澳门水利博彩官方网站温室 由A赞助.O. 史密斯由一个1组成,400-square-foot facility featuring a state-of-art aquaponics system and a large classroom space.  新设施为澳门水利博彩官方网站提供了 额外的招聘机会, retain and graduate women in a wide variety of majors, and provides students exciting new opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and explore new 的职业道路. 

关于一个. O. 史密斯
A. O. 史密斯 Corporation, with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis., is a global leader applying innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions to products manufactured and marketed 在世界范围内. 在纽约证券交易所(NYSE)上市, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment and boilers, 以及 a manufacturer of water treatment and air purification products. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.aosmith.com.


如果你想用温室的话, or want to have plants grown specifically 为 classes, 请给其中一个发邮件 温室@everydaymindfuleating.com 或 丽贝卡Klingler.

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